Walking Animation

Now that they have mastered the beginning techniques we learned to animate a walking person or in some cases a carrot. We need to use the same techniques arc, timing, spacing, squash and stretch and volume into new poses; Contact Passing, Up and Down.

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Learning to Animate

Students are learning to animate. We started with a bouncing ball and will progress from there. We learned about arc, timing, spacing, squash and stretch and volume. Students created a storyboard and learned that more space between the objects the faster the movement and the less space the slower the object moved. It is also easier to animate a solid ball with no design than a ball with designs like a volleyball or soccer ball.

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Create and Play Online Crossword Puzzles

More paperless ideas. You or your students can create online crossword puzzles. Using Crossword Labs you can create a puzzle and then share the link. Crossword Labs was built by Matt Johnson, a computer science undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver.

I created one for you to complete or view, Film and Robotics Command Terms.

You can paste your word with the clues or type them in. Enter the word, a space, and then the clue. One word/clue pair per line. Add a password so you can edit and/or access the answer sheet later.

Instructions Solving a crossword online:

  • Click a cell on the crossword grid, or click a clue
  • Click twice on a cell to toggle between across and down
  • The active cell is highlighted in blue
  • Start typing in the word
  • Hit enter when you are done typing in the word
  • The word will turn green or red if you got it right or wrong
  • You can use the tab and shift-tab keys to move around the crossword

My crossword looks cutoff when I view it online.
Scroll down. The clues appear on top of the crossword, so if your crossword is big, you need to scroll down to see the rest of it.

Does Crossword Labs work on the iPad?
The iPad ships with a less-than-stellar web browser that doesn’t support many of the features that Crossword Labs uses. However, Crossword Labs is usable on the iPad (but the experience isn’t as good as viewing it in a modern web browser).

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Create and Play Online Word Search

I love to save paper and being able to create a word search for students to complete online is perfect. You or your students can create their own puzzle and then share the link with others.

The Word Search Maker is a free online creator that saves the puzzle for 30 days. Create one in Aug./Sept. with student names so they can become familiar with the spelling of each other names, have students use it to create their spelling words or Words Their Way list, or use one of the many the pre-created puzzles.

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Connections, connections, connections

Through a friend of a friend of a friend….

I love my international life that allows me to meet amazing people who have impacted my life in so many different ways and for so long! Having worked in 4 international schools my people connections have grown considerably since my first overseas post in 2016.  The expanse of reliable technology has played a key role in the ability to stay connected to friends as well as technology companies that promote education.

So through Leanne and then Scott I meet Lauren who lives in South Africa and teaches 2nd grade. We connected via Mystery Skype and spent 30 minutes guessing their country. Her 2nd graders were extremely polite, considerate, respectful and possessed amazing critical thinking skills. They discovered our country in less than 10 guesses! It took longer to figure out the city but time was not on their side as we had to move on to Reading class.

Jeff’s students were excited,


camera enamored,


and were thoughtful with their questions.


They narrowed down the country in less than 8 questions! Well done. They even figured out the city and the school they were at.


As one of the students asked before can we do this every day? I say I would love to. I am energized, excited, and more geographically intelligent than when I started.

Not being from the country you live in brings the awareness that you do not really know where you live until you are asked questions you cannot answer.  Thank goodness for globes, maps, atlases, and Google as we looked up questions they asked us and looked up questions to ask them.



The joy of success!


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4A Illustrated Poems

Our Youblisher e-Book is complete!

4A Illustrated Cover

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Our First Mystery Skype

What a morning! I was so nervous for our first Mystery Skype and now realize I had no reason to be.

Both classes asked thoughtful and at times politically tricky questions. Both classes were also able to narrow down to the city the school was on. One class even guessed the name of the school. It was a fabulous learning opportunity for all.

“Can we do this every day until the end of the year?” one third grader asked. The teacher responded, “No, but maybe once a week!”

Our video and sound worked perfectly. Our partner school had some issues with sound but they also had some great ways to troubleshoot the issues. The students would do an X with their arms if the answer was no and 2 thumbs up if it was a yes. We also typed out the questions so we could read them to the students if they could not be heard.

Our mystery partner’s class photo:


Our class photo:


Some tips:

Have an adult running the Skype, mic and camera so they can control the pace and type answers if needed.

Record the questions so they know what has been asked and the answer. Students would ask the same question even though they already knew the answer.

Have a world map that they can write on or fold. If the first question is;  Are you north of the Equator? the students can fold the map and show only the area that is part of the answer. Same with the question; Are you east of the Prime Meridian? Now the students are focusing on a quarter of the world and not all of it.

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