Area and Perimeter Animals

Today students in Ms. Sandler’s grade 4 class made animals, characters, shapes or anything else they want. They will then use their creations to find the area and perimeter of their creation.

  1. I created a grid 26×26 for the students to use to create their artwork.
  2. I saved the grid in a Paint program so the students could create their shape using the computer.
  3. I quickly explained what they were going to do showing them examples from Krokotak and showed them the basic elements of paint.
    1. Line Tool and Fill bucket
  4. Students opened the Paint program, saved and began to create
  5. They did not have a lot of time to complete the project and we will continue next session.
  6. They will print them and then figure out the are and perimeter of the shape.
  7. An extension would be to ask what fraction of the whole is each color.
  8. Great bulletin board idea

Here are a few examples of the ones that finished or are almost done.


  1. Emphasize the Undo option, Paint is not a forgiving program
  2. Do not allow them to use the eraser tool to fix a mistake
  3. Have the students outline their shape first
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