Google Forms + Required Questions

As I create by final for the CSP class I am teaching I know that I want to make the questions required but of course I forget to check the box consistently.

I love the feature in Google Forms, Quiz, which allows you  to make any form a quiz allowing you to select the correct answer, provide feedback, and add points to each question. I also love that you can decide to send the corrected quiz back immediately or at a later date to the student’s emails. What I do not like is that you have to click Edit Question any time you want to fix a mistake or need to go back and click the required button. It adds so much time to the task.

So instead of trying to skim through the 50 questions to see which one is not marked required I decided to check for an Add-on and of course there is one because every form creator wants this function which should already be built into Google but …. There is an easy Add-on called: All Questions Required is easy to install. In case you need a tutorial here is one from: Hopedale Public Schools – Technology Department


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