Our First Mystery Skype

What a morning! I was so nervous for our first Mystery Skype and now realize I had no reason to be.

Both classes asked thoughtful and at times politically tricky questions. Both classes were also able to narrow down to the city the school was on. One class even guessed the name of the school. It was a fabulous learning opportunity for all.

“Can we do this every day until the end of the year?” one third grader asked. The teacher responded, “No, but maybe once a week!”

Our video and sound worked perfectly. Our partner school had some issues with sound but they also had some great ways to troubleshoot the issues. The students would do an X with their arms if the answer was no and 2 thumbs up if it was a yes. We also typed out the questions so we could read them to the students if they could not be heard.

Our mystery partner’s class photo:


Our class photo:


Some tips:

Have an adult running the Skype, mic and camera so they can control the pace and type answers if needed.

Record the questions so they know what has been asked and the answer. Students would ask the same question even though they already knew the answer.

Have a world map that they can write on or fold. If the first question is;  Are you north of the Equator? the students can fold the map and show only the area that is part of the answer. Same with the question; Are you east of the Prime Meridian? Now the students are focusing on a quarter of the world and not all of it.

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