You can find out more about me from my Resume

This is a blog dedicated to teaching students about blogging. This is a learning environment! The links to teacher’s blogs will connect to student’s blogs where you can see the learning process. Their work is not perfect, there are typos, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and at times difficult sentence formations. This is a learning environment for the students. You are welcome to leave a comment that will encourage the students in their learning and offer positive suggestions for improvements.

This blog is also for the parents and teachers at TAS. I will be posting lessons, guidelines, and websites of importance as we grow and learn to be digital citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Mrs. Gorneau, LS 3-5 IT Coordinator

This Mini-Mizer Avatar is a computer representation of me. I like ice cream, diet coke, chocolate and love the color purple.

Lego Avatar


2 Responses to About

  1. andrewx20109518 says:

    You are pretty famous. Your clustr map has tons of views.

  2. Deb Peck says:

    This looks great Nancy!!

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