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Photography + Creativity

I would love to figure out to incorporate these images into my digital film or media class. Advertisements

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So Much to Learn

I am starting a unit on Stop Motion with Grade 7 students and I am finding so many resources to use. I wish I had the time to review all the resources and organize the project into an age appropriate … Continue reading

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Animated Walk Compilation

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Jaguar TV, Tuesday Segment, Dec. 12

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Emojify the Holidays

While I do not consider this coding it does introduce the basic concepts of coding and it was fun to create my emoji. Made with Code, Google wants to “… inspire teen girls to see that code can help them pursue their … Continue reading

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Walking Animation

Now that they have mastered the beginning techniques we learned to animate a walking person or in some cases a carrot. We need to use the same techniques arc, timing, spacing, squash and stretch and volume into new poses; Contact … Continue reading

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Jaguar TV, Tuesday Segment, Dec. 5

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