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Create and Play Online Crossword Puzzles

More paperless ideas. You or your students can create online crossword puzzles. Using Crossword Labs you can create a puzzle and then share the link. Crossword Labs was built by Matt Johnson, a computer science undergrad at Washington State University, Vancouver. I … Continue reading

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Create and Play Online Word Search

I love to save paper and being able to create a word search for students to complete online is perfect. You or your students can create their own puzzle and then share the link with others. The Word Search Maker … Continue reading

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Connections, connections, connections

Through a friend of a friend of a friend…. I love my international life that allows me to meet amazing people who have impacted my life in so many different ways and for so long! Having worked in 4 international … Continue reading

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4A Illustrated Poems

Our Youblisher e-Book is complete!

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Our First Mystery Skype

What a morning! I was so nervous for our first Mystery Skype and now realize I had no reason to be. Both classes asked thoughtful and at times politically tricky questions. Both classes were also able to narrow down to the … Continue reading

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Mystery Skype

A teacher friend, Leanne, from a previous school asked me to be involved in the Mystery Skype that she was setting up for her 3rd grade students (she is the technology integrator). I loved the idea and we are ready … Continue reading

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Google Forms + Required Questions

As I create by final for the CSP class I am teaching I know that I want to make the questions required but of course I forget to check the box consistently. I love the feature in Google Forms, Quiz, … Continue reading

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