Poems Using WeVideo

Previously I mentioned that the 4th grade students were creating poems and I helped the illustrate their creations using Google Draw (Poems + Google Draw). We are really advocating that students create their own work form the combination of words to the combination of shapes and designs.

Haiku, Limericks, Adverbs, Cinquains, Rhyming Pattern, Sound Collector, Adjective, Acrostic,  and Bio poems are all part of the collection. Nine to twelve poems later the students are ready to make a video recording their voices to share on Poetry Day with their families.

The students are going to create a title slide for the collection and then a title slide for each poem stating the poem name and poem type. This means there could be between 10-25 slides.

I was again asked how to simplify the steps for the students. Ideally Google Slides would allow audio/voice-over to be added but sadly not yet. The teachers were advised to use Screencastify but immediately there are issues to consider. First was that 9 years-old cannot record 10-25 slides in one sitting. Second was that it records the entire screen and you cannot crop down to just the section you want. The students started the project and they were quickly frustrated with their mistakes and inability to fix them.

I tried a few options and decided WeVideo was the way to go.

Student Example

The school has an educational account so we need to create a group, set the teacher as lead and then add the students. As the admin of WeVideo for our school I did these steps for the teacher. While I was working with the teacher I did the following to ensure we were good to go. I logged onto WeVideo as the Admin and quickly added a group. Then over to the Members section to get a registration link to share with the students. I asked the teacher to do it first and once they joined I set them as lead. They then provide the link to their students. The benefit of the teacher being made the lead is that they can see the work the students are doing. They can check progress, listen to the audio files for volume and clarity, check transitions, etc…


A few things before you move on. Ensure both boxes are checked so you do not have to approve each user. Also adding them to a group helps you manage them better. Clicking on the group name appends the URL with the unique group code so make sure you click the correct group.


Share the link with your class. Students who have never created an account will follow JOIN WITH A NEW ACCOUNT link and connect via Google.

JoinGoogle by entering your school details (emails and password).

Answer the questions and review the Tutorial if you like.

Seems like this would take a long time but it only takes minutes.

Now that you are logged into WeVideo you can create your masterpiece!

Check out the steps to guide students for this particular project, WeVideo + Poems.

Here is an incomplete sample that I created to show the students.

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Artwork Makes Me Happy

We have some truly artistic students at my school and I appreciate all the hard work in their creations. Thank you to the teachers for exposing them to unique techniques! Gotta love collaboration that takes up an entire wall! (This is only a portion of the piece.)


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Poem + Google Draw

Students in 4th grade are learning about poems and how to illustrate their work. I was fortunate enough to work in one of the 4th grade classes today. The students had written their first poem during writing class and I was asked to help fill in for the technology integration specialist who was out sick. Ok, I begged to help out. I really do miss working with the kids.

As I did not have the time to create my own poem I used Ladybug by Maria Fleming and illustrated the poem myself. The teacher was clear, and I totally supported, that it was to be all student created work.

I created a sample for the students to see what they were going to create and during the class I walked them through the creative process. The teacher posted the assignment, a blank Google Draw file, in Google Classroom so the students would have the file named and ready to go. I did 2 different mini lessons (text and drawing tools) as I did not know what they already knew and followed the instructions with hands on time. The mini lessons lasted 5 minutes each allowing 40 minutes to create.

Teacher sample:

We reinforced many technology skills and hopefully learned a few new tricks. The oohs and ahhs when I showed them how to duplicate an object, arrange 2 objects, and  group several objects brought a smile to my face.

While they finish their work I will continue to comment on the drawing and encourage them to add more details in their illustrations.

They will finish their drawings and then we will publish an e-book. I cannot wait to see the completed work.

Student Samples:

Our Youblisher e-Book is complete!

4A Illustrated Cover

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How does an Internet Innovation Affect Society?

Students in my Computer Science Principles class created an artifact about an Internet Innovation of their choice. Some created infographics while others created movies.

I enjoyed seeing their personalities come through their work. Here are a few of their projects.

Click on the image to see more…


fiber optics

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Newbery Book Challenge, 2017

Students in grades 4 and 5 participated in a Newbery Book Challenge. They were encouraged to read as many books as they could and then competed in a challenge to see who could answer the most questions.

This was a great project to work with the librarian  to hone both our skills. She had the students complete a Google Form with the title of the books they have read. She then took the books and created questions using GoodReads as a reference.

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Above and Beyond

I came across this video as I was researching the standards for a class that I will be teaching next year for the first time.  The video brought a smile to my face and encouragement to my heart.

I hope that we can also see the beauty in learning from each, working together, and thinking outside the box.

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Many Cultures of ISG Jubail!

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