Jaguar TV, Tuesday Segment, Nov. 28

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Learning to Animate

Students are learning to animate. We started with a bouncing ball and will progress from there. We learned about arc, timing, spacing, squash and stretch and volume. Students created a storyboard and learned that more space between the objects the faster the movement and the less space the slower the object moved. It is also easier to animate a solid ball with no design than a ball with designs like a volleyball or soccer ball.

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Jaguar TV, Tuesday Segment, Nov. 21

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Jaguar TV, Segment, Nov. 20

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Cafe Murder Trailer

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Jaguar TV, Tuesday Segment, Nov. 14

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Google Classroom Animated Banner

Add cool animations to the header of any of your Google classrooms.

  1. Go to Google Images
  2. Select Tools
  3. Type -Animated
  4. Usage Rights – Labeled for Reuse
  5. Size – 800 x 600
  6. Find the one you want
  7. Right click Save image as
  8. Name and note the location
  9. Open Classroom
  10. Select the class
  11. Upload Photo
  12. Select the photo
  13. Resize as needed (800 x 200)
  14. Select Class Theme

If you want to make your own check out Flipped Classroom Tutorials video.

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